Summer Derby Hero of the Quarter

Announcing Summer’s Derby Hero of the Quarter:





This is what the league had to say:

This person is not just there to help with Security at all of our games but they are at all of our scrimmages as a NSO and most don’t know this but they are on our alternative list for NSO for those same games. They are my secret weapon and I also know that I can trust them to tell me the truth if I ask them a question.
Karen is SO DEDICATED to Jet City. She’s basically the boss of the penalty box, and without her unique measuring system we would never know how high to stack the floor tiles on bout day.
Karen is always there for us in a million ways be it officially volunteering or moral support. She’s a pretty amazing person to have be part of our league and I’m so thankful for her!
She is always there for us, and dealing with our crap. 🙂
Karen is always there for Jet. Whether it’s running the penalty box, at league events and fundraisers or being our boss security person. She rocks and is amazing.