August Skater of the Month: MyTai Smashya

People who voted for them said:  

She’s a pain in the ass most… All of the time. But she wrangles out of town visitors and already has most of our season ready to roll as far as matchup’s. I give her one star for attitude but five stars for getting shit done.
She’s aw-ight. Lol
Her interleague prowess and connections are beyond compare. Her organization is impeccable and she is the funniest person I know. Well deserved, Tai!! Love you!!
Cause she the shit
heShe is amazing and helpful. She is organized and has helped us work within the derby community. shit
She works really hard and she is organized!
She’s like a terrier shaking the shit out a rat when she needs people to get stuff done. Her big mouth has saved me on and off the track. The relationships she is building with other teams will make for a very successful season for us.
Plus, her embellishing keeps the refs’ eyes on her and not on my forearms.
She’s such a hardworker, super organized and has our season almost all set up!