Beginners, Cadets and Draftees. OH MY!



Here at Jet City we have Basic Skate Lessons for all genders and ages, as well as a Cadet program for any women interested in pursuing roller derby. Since August we have had the opportunity to hold three draft nights that allowed many new and well rounded Cadets, the chance to be picked up by one of our four home teams. We are glad to announce we are growing and still looking for more wonderful ladies to add to our rosters. If your interested or new to derby, check out our Derby 101 page and our BSL and Cadet page for more information.

Draft night is a huge night for those who have worked hard, and sometimes very long, for the shot to have a home on their new league. The overwhelming joy you experience on draft night is a feeling you never forget after being drafted. no matter how many leagues you are on or where you come from, or where you plan to go, its a very fun night indeed. I know on my draft night I was shocked, happy, and overwhelmed. Its been  so long yet I can still remember the one of a kind feeling of finally becoming a Hula Honey on Jet City.

Some of the girls who have recently been drafted are sharing their experience in the current BSL and Cadet program!


Chalsea: Camero Harem draftee

“With no prior skating experience, JCRG’s BSL and Cadet Program gave me the basic skills, coaching and training I needed to succeed! The coaches work with skaters regardless of skill level in an inviting and positive atmosphere! Recently I was drafted to the Camaro Harem and I could not be more excited! It is an amazing feeling to be a part of the team that I know will continue to push me and help me grow as a derby girl! Whether you’ve thought about playing roller derby before or not, I can guarantee this is a decision you will not regret!!!”

Wu’s Your Momma: CarnEvil draftee.

“The Jet City Cadet program was the step I needed to take to get ready for a competitive league. I loved the balance of support and challenge I received from my fellow Cadets and the Cadet coaches, Bustya and PA. Going through the draft process and being judged by league skaters is always intimidating at first, but Jet City’s skaters were friendly from the start and gave great advice and encouragement all the way. Now I’m a Carnie and I’m wearing my purple proudly. Evil, evil, evil!!!”


The Brawly Llama: Pink Pistol Draftee

“After about a year of my daughter (she is a junior skater) bugging me to skate, a friend from a different league finally talked me into coming to their practice. I thought to myself, ‘the worst thing could happen is that I hate it, and I never have to come back.’ I skated awkwardly around the outside track watching everyone else. I was in awe. About a month later they lost their practice time, so I started coming to Jet City practices on the weekends. Everyone was hilarious and supportive. It was the first sport activity I have ever been involved in. I had never fallen in love with anything so hard or fast in my life. The cadet program was intense, but there was support and comradery each step of the way. The great part about derby is you are never alone. People cry with you, laugh with you, love with you, and compare bruises with you. Now, one year after I strapped on quad skates for the first time, I am so happy to call the Pink Pistols, and Jet City Rollergirls, my family.”

Brut Champain: Hula Honey Draftee

My decision to join the Jet city League was rather abrupt. I had been approached by derby players in the past and heard them speak with passion and excitement about the sport.  One day I decided that I was bored and wanted to see what all the hoopla was all about. To my surprise, the cadet program was the most challenging and uplifting time of my life. The Program its self is detailed, informative and efficient. The coaches sequentially introduce the new skaters to skills and techniques that will build the foundation to more difficult, strategy based skills later in the program. The coaches allow you to learn at your own pace while still pushing you to meet your full potential. The coaching team is comprised of volunteers from within the league. While nurturing the new skaters they allow their own love for derby to acclimate us into the culture as well. For every trip, fall, skid new skaters inevitably experience there’s 20 more voice cheering them on to get back up and keep skating. Derby players are the most eclectic, passion driven and supportive group of people I’ve ever been around.  I couldn’t imagine my life without Jet City.


Thinking about trying us out? Always wanted to skate but weren’t sure where to start? Ask us questions!!!

We are @ Everett Skate Deck on Saturdays 7:45am-10am 

 Sundays you can find us @ Lynnwood Bowl & Skate from 10:45am-12:30pm

Drop-ins welcome.


Check out our Season 9 Schedule to come see these epic new skaters, as well as some of your favorite seasoned derby girls.