Get to Know Your JCRD: Super Powers!

Hello super readers! This past week, the JCRD league members have been showing how super awesome they are by donating or helping spread the word to save our home, the Everett Skate Deck. In the spirit of being super heroes, … Continue reading »

Help Save Our Skate Rink Home!

Hello my readers! We all know that the pandemic has been tough on business, especially those that rely on social gatherings. Our beloved Everett Skate Deck is one such place and in need of our help! The skate deck has … Continue reading »

Find What Feels Good

In hearing the Governor’s somber announcement that our stay-in-place orders have been extended into 2021, you may be thinking to yourself, “I wonder when I’ll finally snap?” Maybe it’ll be hearing “Moooooom, my Zoom meeting froze again” one more time, … Continue reading »

March Radness Madness!!

It seems as though we were only just breaking hearts and taking names… or were we kicking ass and getting numbers? Either way, we are back to do it again as the March Radness Double Header Bout is just one week … Continue reading »

Pst… did you know…

It’s BOUT WEEK! (Have you gotten your tickets yet?)   And now, something you maybe didn’t know: Every (non-fundraiser) bout, Jet City holds a 50/50 raffle with our fans. Throughout the first and second bouts, two of our Jet City … Continue reading »