Season 10 Results



November 12th 2015

Bout one: Pink Pistols (140 pt) vs. The Hula Honeys (230 pts)

Bout two: CarnEvil (179 pts)  vs. The Camaro Harem (147 pts)

December 10th 2016

Bout one: CarnEvil ( 187 points) Vs The Hula Honeys ( 161 points)

Bout two: Pink Pistols VS  Puget Sound OutCast 

January 21st 2017

Bout one: Camaro Harem (260 points) Vs Pink Pistols Pistols (152 points)

Bout two: Hula Honeys (169 points)  Vs Palouse River Rollers (192 points)

February 25th 2017

Bout one: CarnEvil (138 pts) Vs Pink Pistols Pistols (108 pts)

Bout two: Camaro Harem Vs Geritol Mafia

March 18th 2017

Camaro Harem (174 pts) Vs Hula Honeys (118 pts)

CarnEvil Vs Whidbey Island Rollergirls.

April 15th 2017 : Championships

Hula Honeys (206 points) VS Pink Pistols (131 points)

  • Most Valuable Blocker:  Rock n’Rolla Chola (Hula Honeys) Shock StopHer (Pink Pistols)
    Most Valuable Jammer:  Deviled Meg (Hula Honeys) Grrr Rawr Rawr (Pink Pistols)

Camaro Harem (204 points) VS CarnEvil (145 points)

  • Most Valuable Blocker:  Ellen Z (CarnEvil)  Terror FaceOff (Camaro Harem)
    Most Valuable Jammer:  Crash Smashum (CarnEvil)  Madam Mayhem (Camaro Harem)


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