Camaro Vs Pistols ; A night to remember.


Camaro Harem vs. Pink Pistols
February 20, 2016

The trash-talking had begun in earnest well before bout day, so both teams were pumped up and ready for action! The bout started fast and furious. Ivana Hercha drew first blood for the Harem with a 4-point jam to get things going. The Pistols weren’t taking that lying down, however – they returned fire and took the score to 17-9 before the first five minutes were over, regaining the lead and holding onto it.

Harem jammers Madam Mayhem, Kat Von Devious, and Ivana Hercha fought hard, but the Pistols defense (led by Nasty Nikki Nightstick, Spontaneous Combustya, and Ill Ninja) held them back while Pistol jammers I’llah Smashya, MediKate, and Chick Eastwood racked up the points. By the 12th jam, the Pistols had extended their lead to 58-24, with Ivana Hercha and I’llah Smashya often taking the line against each other. However, the Harem brought out one of their other jammers, Rayne Bowbite, who took lead jammer about halfway through the first period. Biter always tears around the track with a huge smile on her face!

As the first period drew to a close, the score was 88-34 Pistols with Ivana Hercha taking the line against I’llah Smashya. Pistols blockers Ill Ninja, Spontaneous Combustya, and The Mexorcist held tight and kept the Harem scoreless. In the very next jam, it looked like there was going to be a turnaround for the Harem – Madam Mayhem got lead after MediKate was sent to the box on a track cut, giving them the power jam. However, Kate burst out of the penalty box and managed to score four points before the jam ended.

The second half started with the score standing at 98-49, Pistols. Ivana Hercha took lead jammer, but was quickly forced out of bounds by Nasty Nikki Nightstick. Nikki made short work of Ivana again a few jams later, with help from Ill Ninja and Spontaneous Combustya. Bustya wasn’t finished, however. In the 6th jam of the second period, she laid a huge hit on jammer Razor WreckHer, who had just gotten lead jammer. The Harem scored quite a few points in those first few jams, bringing their score to 69.

With a giant grin on her face, Razor took the line again as jammer in Jam 10 and got lead right away, scoring three points to the Pistols’ zero. The Harem kept chipping away, scoring a few points every jam, holding the Pistols scoreless for 5 straight jams. By Jam 15, the score was 117-96, Pistols, and the crowd was starting to go crazy. The Harem scored again in Jams 16 and 17, bringing the score to 119-105.

The intensity increased with each jam. In Jam 18, Rayne Bowbite took the line against I’llah Smashya with her signature grin. She took lead, but was forced out and recycled back by Nasty Nikki Nightstick. However, I’llah was also forced back. During the jam, the inevitable “dogpile” occurred, with skaters falling en masse.

With 8:20 left in the period, the score was 123-110, Pistols. Razor WreckHer was sent to the box on a back block, giving MediKate lead jammer and enabling her to score eight points, taking the score to 131-110 as she called off the jam with Razor still in the box.

Chick Eastwood takes the line on a power start, but did not get lead due to the Harem’s strong defense. Razor burst from the box and took lead, calling it quickly after passing the last blocker. At the whistle, Chick was sent to the penalty box for a late hit, giving the Harem a power start.

Ivana Hercha took lead in the next jam with Chick Eastwood in the penalty box, bringing the score to 131-125. There are five minutes to go in the period, and the crowd is going wild. I’llah Smashya takes the line in the next jam, quickly gets lead, and calls it off after scoring four points.

Razor WreckHer takes the line for the Harem in the next jam, gets lead, and the Pistols jammer ends up in the penalty box, along with two Pistols blockers. The Pistols defense holds Razor to a five-point jam, bringing the score to 135-130.

Jam 25: Ivana Hercha gets lead jammer and scores five points, quickly ending the jam with 1:25 to go. The score is now tied at 135, and the crowd is screaming! Ivana remains on the track as the jammer, facing off against MediKate in what will be the last jam. Ivana gets lead jammer again, and both teams fight furiously to maintain defense, but Ivana manages to score 13 points to Kate’s 4, ending the bout with a score of 148-139.

It was truly a nail-biter, with edge-of-your-seat action, big hits, fast jammers, and a ton of intensity. You won’t want to miss the rematch as these two teams battle again for league domination on April 16th!