December SOTM – Cia WoodNwanna-Bia

Skater of the Month: Cia WoodNwanna-Bia

December 2018

People who voted for them said:   

She has done so much work for the league—I don’t think half of us know how many times she’s been on the board. She comes to SO MANY of the flyering events too
Because she me told to. JUST KIDDING. Cia does a lot of behind the scene work that goes unnoticed. She’s always willing to take work on without complaint (well, much anyway bahaha). Cia has steped up in the past when no one else would and took on major roles like president and Bombers Captain two seasons in a row. More importantly- she’s one of our old goats and holds the heart and soul of Jet City. I guess I should change my name to “Cia I-WANNA-bia!
why wouldn’t I?!
She has dedicated almost a decade of service to the league. She’s a sucky Alt.1 on a roster, but her work ethic is on point. She aight.
For all her work on the BOD and behind the scenes to keep Jet running <3
Observant and supportive