Derby Book Club!

Last month, four Snohomish elementary schools hosted book club meetings after their students read Rollergirl, a popular graphic novel by former Rose City (Portland) skater Victoria Jamieson aka Minnie the Pow. At the schools’ invitation, Jet City Roller Derby sent Angelica Della Morte, Adelaide Herout, Whoa Nellie!, Chic-lets Rock and Twisted Spinster over to share their love of derby with the students.

The students discussed how the main character in the book changed throughout the story before making up their own roller derby names and enjoying roller derby-themed snacks (bloody band-aid graham crackers). Some students even “dyed” their hair like the book’s heroine using hair chalk while everyone enjoyed posing for their roller derby portraits in the hand-painted skater cut-out made by our own Angelica Della Morte.

Our league loved meeting these enthusiastic young fans of reading and roller derby! We encouraged them to come watch a bout in person, so if you see them in the stands ask them to tell you all about Rollergirl!

You can check out more of Victoria Jamieson’s work at her website here: