Skater of the Month

Skater of the Month: Shutter Down

April 2018 is Shutter Down


People who voted for them said:   

Shutter is really doing a great job with our instagram. She’s on top of it and doing some fun new ideas!

Her IG skills are phenomenal and her commitment to working hard in the track is incredible! And plus, it’s fiiiiine!!!
She’s been killing it on the IG promo stuff!
Love how amazing our instagram is and how much pride she has in Jet City! Everything feels so fresh and fun when you follow Shutter! <3
Keeping that insta on fleek
Shutter has been such an awesome contributor in social media…I came up with a last minute hare-brained idea and her photos turned International Women’s Day into a great success. Her amazing witchy vibe and genuine passion for the people and things around her make it a joy to know her. Her dedication to obtaining knowledge and hard work on the track is an inspiration! She’s funny as fuck also. 😉
Recently, Shutter’s been doing a kickass job on keeping up the bout hype with her Twitter posts. But even before then, Shutter has always been the person you want to be around, because no matter what you’re feeling during a practice, she’s going to tell you you’re a badass, and you can’t help but feel like a badass.
For her kick ass job on instagram and for her work ethic and commitment to the league. Love her so much!!!!
Shutter has been killing it on instagram and working hard on the track. She’s also super funny and makes me laugh. Love her!