Derby Hero of the Quarter


Thank you to our Derby Hero of the Quarter! Tre La Trash!

Huge amount of time put in coaching, helping with laying the floor, all the other things…

Tre is an awesome league supporter, both as a coach and cheerleader! So glad he’s back to being a coach after his hiatus ❤

All the extra coaching

Tre has always done a ton of work for the league from coaching to reffing, to floor management, to subbing in for guest teams on the fly, to fixing trailers. Thank you for helping and having such a happy heart with all your hard work!

He has always been an invaluable asset to our league, but the extra extra work he’s done lately with the floor, the trailer, and league practices is phenomenal.

He’s always my hero

Traveling with the Bombers and league teams, coaching practices, general awesomeness

Positive attitude and great league coaching!

He’s always helping us and an awesome person.

He continues to support and provide feedback at practices and scrimmages to all skaters. He shows kindness and understanding when providing criticism and really cared about skaters goals