Derby Hero of the Quarter


Thank you to our Derby Hero of the Quarter! Just a Bill!


Bill’s dedication to this league has been amazing. From making last minute bouts to showing up to tons of practices. He is a great asset to this league, a fair referee and a really nice guy.

He really embodies what we are about. He comes to practices when he doesn’t need to. He refs everywhere. He also has a pretty rad wife!!

So consistent and reliable!

He has been showing up to extra practices, offered to help with any reffing questions during Bomber practices, and is overall an excellent human. Jet City is lucky to have him in our community, and his wife is pretty okay too! 🙂

Great ref, nice guy, really stepping up and helping out, being present and always has a smile and a great attitude. he has been taking on a lot of head ref roles and is a huge supporter of our league! Go Bill!

Bill has been showing up to practices above and beyond scrimmage. I see him always working with our newer refs. He is a Jet ambassador everywhere he goes, and takes feedback like a champ (and can give it just as good!).

They are consistent and supportive and a strong part of the league.

He’s the bees knees!

Not only is he a rock star ref that is constantly improving his skills on the track, he is an amazing volunteer that helps Jet City with events like the Comedy Show & Auction