Derby Hero of the Quarter


Thank you to our Derby Hero of the Quarter!



Those that Voted for  Scott said:

  • he does a great job if you know nothing about derby! His announcing really helped them understand and learn the game!
  • Talented announcers are hard to come by. He’s one of the best and we are lucky to have him! Thank you!
  • Does a spectacular job and is at nearly every bout.
  • Scott is a fantastic announcer, a huge supporter of this league, and an all around great guy! We’re lucky to have him!
  • Because he puts up with us and goes above and beyond!!
  • All around great guy and awesome announcer. He always sounds great!!
  • Because he goes above and beyond!
  • He’s been amazing at all our Bouts and helps keep us organized for bout day!
  • Because he’s awesome!
  • Helps a ton with bp.
  • Scott takes every crazy idea we throw at him in stride, and with a smile! He puts countless hours of time and effort and is so talented. He travels to most of our tournaments, and hearing him announce your name is like a little bit of home, halfway across the country. He’s always proud to wear our logo and shout out his love for us. We love him too!
  • He’s a super talented announcer and we’re lucky to have him.