Get to Know Your JCRD: Super Powers!

Hello super readers!

This past week, the JCRD league members have been showing how super awesome they are by donating or helping spread the word to save our home, the Everett Skate Deck. In the spirit of being super heroes, we polled our members asking, “If you could have a superpower, what would it be?”

50% said they would have the power of flight! (Flying would certainly add an interesting aspect to roller derby!)
12.5% said they would have super strength.
The remaining 37.% chose to fill in their own answers with fun powers like controlling time, speaking and understanding all languages, and being able to communicate with animals! We would be a pretty awesome league of superheroes!
What do YOU think is the best superpower to have? Leave us a comment or message us your thoughts on our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram.