Happy National Girls & Women in Sports Day!

Jet City is proud to be a part of the ongoing efforts for gender equity in sports. As part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, Jet City is a safe and supportive environment for all transgender women, intersex women, and gender expansive participants who choose to skate with us.


Like many women’s sports, roller derby faces challenges around costs, facilities, and support from the community, including the difficulty in finding venues to host league practices and bouts. We at Jet are fortunate to have a partnership with Lynnwood Bowl & Skate for our practices and Edmonds College for our monthly bouts, but many leagues, including some in our own region, do not have such access. More than one roller derby league has found themselves practicing in parking garages or outdoor basketball courts!


Roller derby is also entirely skater-run, which means our skaters have both voice and representation in how their leagues operate. If you’ve ever wondered if you can belong in a sport, roller derby has a place for you!


To celebrate, here are some highlights of the amazing Jet City Roller Derby skaters!