Help Save Our Skate Rink Home!

Hello my readers!

We all know that the pandemic has been tough on business, especially those that rely on social gatherings. Our beloved Everett Skate Deck is one such place and in need of our help!

The skate deck has been our home since Ruby Ruckus, Nova Payne, and SassyPants made a plan to bring the “new” sport of roller derby to Everett and founded Jet City Rollergirls (now Jet City Roller Derby). Perhaps you have your own fond memories of the rink: skating as a kid with your parents, spending weekends there as a teen, fun skate night functions hosted by your school. We hope our little ones can have a place to make similar memories!

We can assure you, roller derby will be back. Please help us make sure it’s returns to Snohomish County. Help us save our home.

A skating coach has set up a GoFundMe to help the Everett Skate Deck. Click. Donate. Share.

Jet City Roller Derby thanks you!


Update: The Skate Deck has reopened to the public! Check out theirĀ website if you are interested in attending one of their open skate sessions. Come support our home rink and of course, please remember to wear your mask the entire time!