January 2017 Derby Girl of the Month: MediKate

January 2017

Congratulations to our Derby Girl of the Month!!!

Congratulations to the Derby Girl of the Month: MediKate! Below are just some of the reasons why:


Below are just some of the reasons why…

She’s always positive, hardworking and no drama! She loves this league and fights to keep us going!

Kate works tirelessly and is completely dedicated to supporting our league.

Kate has been with Jet City for five years. She is an amazing contributor. And put in a ton of work into making our auction successful thank you so much!

She is a fantastic teammate.

She is super awesome to play with and against.

Kate went out and showed how much she cares for this league and raised so much for the future of JCRG! Go Kate!

Kate is a fantastic teammate and leaguemate – despite having a completely frantic schedule, she procured a ton of donations for the auction and did so under the radar and without expectation of recognition. She’s so dependable and sincerely always has the league’s best interest in mind at all times.¬†Plus, she makes funny music videos and knows all the words to Ice Ice Baby.

Donation Wonder Woman!

Auction procurement goddess!