JCRG Bout 2 results; Derby Sisters

On Saturday, December 19th the stage was set for Jet City’s second double-header of Season 9.  Santa was in the house giving out candy canes, the beer garden was full of merry fans and the skaters were ready for action!
The first bout of the night saw the Camaro Harem up against our first visiting team of the season, the Heartless Heathers of the Rose City Rollers from Portland, OR.  The Harem played this team last year in Portland and both teams were ready for the rematch. The Harem came out with a bang in the first half, shutting out the Heathers in the first 5 jams of the bout.  The Heathers, however, were quick to figure out the Harem defense, and were able to counter with strong walls and smart jammers.  There were multiple lead changes throughout the bout; with the greatest score differential being no more than 30 at any time.  The bout came down to the very last jam with the Harem a mere 3 points over the visiting team… When the final jam ended the Heartless Heathers beat the Camaro Harem in a nail biter~ giving all the fans a great roller derby bout to watch!

Final Score:

Heartless Heathers;  197pts

Camaro Harem;   187pts


The second bout of the night was our home team match up: the Hula Honeys vs. the Pink Pistols. The Hulas came into the bout short-handed due to injuries, with only 9 skaters suiting up.  The teams were both eager for the win; it would be the first victory for the Hulas and the second for the Pistols. The bout was hard fought from the beginning~ a very physical game that hobbled the already short-handed Hulas.  By half time, the Pistols had doubled-up on the Hulas, who lost 2 more to injury during the first half.  Down to 7 skaters, the Hulas continued to fight against the mighty Pistols.  When the Hulas lost 2 more skaters fouling out with 7 penalties each, the Hulas threw in the towel. With 15 minutes still on the game clock, the captains of both teams took a time out to figure out how to finish the bout and give the fans something to cheer about.


Fans who stayed to watch were treated to derby sisterhood at it’s finest as 3 of the Pink Pistols (Nasty Nikki Nightstick, Ambitchous, The Mexorcist) donned Hula jerseys and played the remaining bout as Hula Honeys.  Cia WoodNwanna Bia (CarnEvil) also put on the turquoise to help out.  Even though they forfeited the game, this unprecedented move gave the Hulas more bodies to skate with, evened out the teams a bit, and ended up making a memorable bout never before seen in Jet City’s history.

Final Score:

Pink Pistols;  307pts

Hula Honeys;  179pts


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