Here at JCRG we strive to keep you up to date on our league, our events and our skater rosters. We update info, manage our blog and plan for the future. Maybe one day we will even have a Team Merch shop up and running. Well… We can dream can’t we?

Anyways, today we added a new tab under the “Home Team” Menu, It is to honor the skaters who have moved onto bigger or different things. These are our retired skaters. The list is short as of yet; but keep an eye out for our founding sisters and past retirees as we continue to update this page. After 9 years there are quite a few gals to remember.

If you are reading this, and you are a retired JCRG skater, Contact Moonie to have your legacy added to our website.

OH! Don’t Forget!!! The 3rd bout of Season 9 is right around the corner!! get your tickets now while you still can!



The Jet City Roller Girls.