Jet City Prevails in a Hard Fought Win over Cherry City

On February 25th, Jet City Roller Derby traveled south to Salem, Oregon, to take on Cherry City Roller Derby in a triple header. Despite the tough competition, Jet City Roller Derby demonstrated their skill and determination on the track.


Jet City’s seasoned players, including Hydraulic Tess, Crash Smashem, and Mary Contrary, along with newcomer Iron Rabbit, put on a solid jammer rotation that kept the team competitive.


But it wasn’t just the jammers who shined in this game. The blockers played an equally important role, working tirelessly to prevent the opposing team’s jammer from scoring. Both teams demonstrated excellent lateral movement and endless reforming to shut down jammers and execute successful defense.


Jet City’s Bombshell delivered devastating blows to Cherry City’s jammers, preventing them from breaking free from the pack. And it wasn’t just Bombshell who stood out, as players Legs, Tofu, and Crash were also recognized as some of the most valuable players of the night.


Teamwork and strategy were key components of Jet City’s success, and the blockers undoubtedly played a crucial role in securing the team’s impressive win with a final score of Jet City 275, Cherry City 32.


For those who missed out on this exciting event, don’t worry! You can catch Jet City at their next game on March 18th at Edmonds College, where the Mob City Junior Roller Derby will take on Tomorrowland Junior Roller Derby of Tacoma to open the game, followed by the headlining game, Jet City versus Jet City.


Attending live roller derby events is a thrilling way to support local teams and experience the high-energy sport in person. Jet City Roller Derby’s impressive performance in Salem, Oregon proves that they are a force to be reckoned with, and fans can look forward to more exciting games in the future.




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