Jet City Rollergirls OPEN HOUSE

Open House 2017 FB Cover

Jet City Rollergirls OPEN HOUSE
Thursday, March 2, 2017  9:00-10:00pm
Everett Skate Deck
9700 19th Ave SE
Everett, WA
Have you been curious about roller derby? Do you want to find out more about Jet City or becoming a rollergirl yourself? Maybe you just want to find out how to become a better skater, or a referee, or a volunteer for the Jet City Rollergirls.  We invite you to our open house to find out more information in an informal setting where you’ll get to watch a scrimmage and see what roller derby looks like up close. We will also have skaters on hand to help with questions you have.
We welcome all of you to the Everett Skate Deck on Thursday, March 2nd from 9:00-10:00pm.
There is no cost and no commitment~ Just come and see what all the fun is about!