Jet City Travel Team Tryouts Announced

Competitive derby is back, baby!


Jet City has announced open tryouts for their competitive WFTDA travel team, previously known as the Bombers. Tryouts are open to both current Jet City league members and non-members, however all skaters selected to join the team will be required to join the JCRD league. 


Tryouts will be held on two consecutive Mondays, February 13th and 20th, at the Marysville Skate Center from 9-11 pm. If you are interested, please email with the subject header “Bombers.”


Prior to COVID-19 shutdowns, the Bombers were ranked No. 43 worldwide. The new season of competitive play is set to start in November 2023, which is when sanctioned bouts are expected to resume. We are very excited to see what the new era of Jet City competitive play will look like!