BSL & Derby Classes

Jet City Roller Derby is proud to present our comprehensive training program for aspiring derby players! This exciting program will train you from the ground up to become the best derby player you can be!

How it works

  1. Basic skating lessons (BSL) – Learn basic derby skating skills, stance, crossovers, and much more. We welcome all skill levels, men, women and children 18 or older. Once you have all your basic skills down you are eligible for our Jet Cadets Program!
  2. Jet Cadets (women 18 and over)The Jet Cadets are our Fresh Meat Team. On cadets you’ll learn the advanced skills to get you bout ready – whips, pushes, lateral movement, hitting, jamming. pack work, etc. After passing intermediate skills and scrimmage assessment and achieving standard benchmarks, you will be invited to practice with the JCRD home teams on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Home teams draft from our fresh meat teams approximately 4 times a year.
  3. JCRD teams cannot accept men or children, but men 18 and older are encouraged to consider becoming skating or non-skating officials in our Derby Enforcement Agency or joining the local men’s roller derby league, the Puget Sound Outcasts. We gladly train aspiring officials with no skating experience!

We encourage you to Email us for information on joining.



Program highlights include:

• The chance to learn at your own pace
• Feedback provided by league skaters
• Jet City Roller Derby league skaters available at every practice to help train
• Clinics run by league skaters and coaches
• Admittance to league practices, including scrimmages, to learn by observation
• Off skates workout suggestions
• Proper warm-up and cool down techniques at each practice


When can I start!?

Tryouts for BSL and Cadets occur weekly, and follow the schedule below:

 Everett Skate Deck

Saturdays 7:45am-10am

Mondays 9pm-11pm

Drop in for $10 per practice or pay $50/month to join!

What do I need to start?

Whether you join for fitness, to become a derby girl, or to just try it out and learn something new, there are a few items you will need before hitting the floor at the open tryouts. You can always borrow gear your first few times! Just make sure to bring a water bottle, comfortable athletic clothing, and your own mouth guard.


Photo above is a Jet Cadet, wearing all the appropriate protective gear.

Physical Requirements

Gear Requirements

• All BSL skaters must be ages 18 and up.

Male and female participants are accepted into BSL.

All Cadet participants must be 18 years old, out of high school,

female & physically able to participate in a full contact sportYouth can consider Mob City Misfits

Current personal health insurance is required

Liability waivers must be signed

• Quad Skates

• A Helmet

• Knee pads

• Elbow pads

• Wrist guards

• Protective mouth guard

• Water bottle

• Sneakers

Ask about loaner gear in your email or in person!

Email us for information about how to join.