July Skater of the Month: Katastrophik


People who voted for them said:

She has been killing it in all her jobs and then stepping up to be president. Wow! We are lucky to have her on the league. What an inspiring person all around.
Her growth as a skater since coming to Jet has been by leaps and bounds. She a real go getter, a positive force on and off the track.
Kat has really brought an amazing energy and passion for derby to Jet City. She has been working tirelessly to improve this league as well as her skills on the track. She’s got a great attitude and is a ton of fun to be around!
She jumped in with both feet!!! Love this lady and her heart!! She bleeds blue!
Because AWESOME, duh. She showed up, stepped up, and stepped into to some much needed and amazing roles. Love her on and off the track, she is a huge asset to this league and we are lucky to have her. The work she has done with the DEA (now Ground Crew) has been amazing, that is such an important job and she is wonderful. I know she is going to rock it as our new BOD prez too.
She’s such a dedicated skater, hard worker and one of my most favorite people in the world <3.