Mortician Militia: Retiring #34

At the 5th bout of Season 9, we were sad but excited to remember and honor one of our leagues greatest, and most influential skaters.

Morticia Militia!!


During Half time of the bout, her teammates and close friends gathered by the announcers table while Angelica Della Morte was honored with the opportunity¬†to give Morticia the award. Some of the Hula Honeys even showed their love by wearing a shirt with Morticia’s face printed on the front. They sure do “miss her face” as their sign claims.

[Angelic’s speech below]

“Tonight we’re honoring one of these special people, someone who is very near and dear to my heart, Morticia Militia!

Morti transformed from a shy new Cadet into one of our fiercest skaters on the track. Her bubbly personality and fun sense of style always brought a smile to your face and her amazing skills as both a blocker and jammer were envied by all.

She always went above and beyond for the league, serving as a member of our Board of Directors, Captain for the Hula Honeys, and all-star Bomber! Her OCD-ness and crafty skills made her the perfect party planner and we always had a lot of fun putting together our end of the year party shenanigans. This Old Goat is the perfect example of what Jet City is all about: fun, competition and, above all, sisterhood.”


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