A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever. - Mary Lou Retton


I like the summer, beaches and being on the water. I also like crisp winters and snow!


I dislike wind and rain that make me cold.


Traveling, Camping, Hiking, Going to Local Sporting Events

Athletic Background

I have been playing sports competitively since Middle School. Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling. Now Roller Derby.

Derby History

I helped start a Roller Derby League in October 2012 in a small town in Alaska. A couple years later I moved down to WA and joined Jet City.


I broke my wrist at a Rat City Practice. Booo. I also only have 10% of my PCL remaining on my left knee due to a hit at a Red White and Bruised Tournament. Double Boo.

Favorite Thing About Derby

The other skaters and the amazing things we do for each other and the community around us.

More About Me

I talk to much. I try not to but...