It never gets easier, you just get better.


Fluffy animals, my skates, chicken, music, makeup, tea


Being quite, not being on my skates, country music, sour anything.


Speed skated for two years did junior derby for 3 seasons, 2 seasons of banked track roller derby, now on my first season of adult derby.


Born in Washington then shipped off to a small town in Florida for four years, then came back to rain in Washington where I got into singing in a choir and was apart of a choir for 6 years till I graduated high school in 2016. Now attending college to become a wildlife conservationist so in 30 plus years we have trees and cute fluffy animals. Started speedskating in 2005 ended two years later, then fast forwarded to 2013 to the start of my roller derby career where I skated for the mob city misfits and took two silver medals and one bronze at the JRDA nationals, then starting in 2015 for two seasons I took first place at Battle on the Bank with the Tilted Thunder Peeps, in 2016 with the NorthWest All-stars we took gold at the first AAU Junior Olympics. Now playing for the Jet City's Bombers


Dislocated jaw twice, hairline fractured nose/deviated septum, and sprained ankle.


Mvb/Mvj several times while in juniors and adults, Mvpo(most valued player overall) for my team during battle on the bank 2016. Gold medalists in the first AAU Junior Olympics.