"Grace is a virtue, virtue is a grace, Grace is a little girl who didn't wash her face."


The Hannibal Lecter books, mashed potatoes, the color purple.


Steamed carrots, driving lol


Lmao marching band.


Started playing in 2007 with the Kitsap Derby Brats. Graduated from juniors in 2014 and played with JBLM and DYDD for a couple seasons before I finally decided to bite the bullet and started making the 2 hour drive to Jet practices.


Scar on my chin from slamming my head on the floor at WWS (should've gotten stitches, but wasn't gonna leave mid game). Lost a toe nail once.


I've pretty much won unanimously on every league I've ever skated for the stinkiest gear award. I was Fantasy Derby's D2 2017 Champ's top blocker on Saturday of the event. Gotten a few MVPs for overall, blocking, and jamming. End of the year best blocker, triple threat awards, etc.