Joy is an act of resistance!


animals, cake, and 90’s dance music


mayo, waking up early & small talk


I love to read, making art of my dog, searching for the best vegan soft serve, finding new parks to take my dog to and watching hockey. Go Rangers!

Athletic Background

I grew up being a music and theater kid thinking I wasn’t athletically inclined! I’m glad I was wrong.

Derby History

I have skated since the week after my 18th birthday and have played derby on/off since 2012. Rainier Roller Riot was my home team for many moons but I also played USARS and even got to go to USARS champs twice, taking home the bronze medal with my team NW United in 2015. I took a break from playing to go to grad school and am so excited to be playing with Jet!


I have sprained my ankle twice, got a gnarly concussion, popped many ribs, strained muscles in my neck and back, my shoulder has been popped out of the socket, and though I wasn’t playing derby, I did break my ankle skating at a skate park!

Favorite Thing About Derby

Oh it’s definitely a tie between how strong you feel/how liberating skating can be for your body and the community! I have made some of my absolute best friends playing derby.

More About Me

Shout out to all my chronic illness fam out there kicking butt and taking names!