Thunder & lightning storms


bad attitudes and dirty girls


On a dark stormy night in Chicago, lightning struck the town as a baby girl was born into the WoodNwanna family. The young parents had no way of knowing at the time, but their new baby would one day be destined for greatness. The WoodNwanna's decided to name the girl, Cia. As she grew older, Cia was often left alone at home so that her parents could continue to work as sideshow performers. One fateful day while Cia was playing alone on the kitchen floor, a burglar entered the house. As the intruder came through the hallway into the kitchen, Cia grabbed a knife and hurled it at the man, striking him directly in the heart. When her parents returned home later that weekend , they were shocked by what they found but also knew that their daughter's talent needed to be shared with the world. Cia was added to the list of performers the next day as the knife thrower. Cia soon became one of the most famous knife throwers of all time and was always the most watched attraction at the carnival. However, Cia seemed to have her attention on something else; a handsome human cannonball named Giuseppe Biatore. The two had a mutual attraction for each other. They wanted to get married but Cia had some reservations about changing her name since she had already become famous as Cia WoodNwanna. They decided to go with a hyphenated name and our young knife thrower became Cia WoodNwanna-Bia. While in Marysville, WA for a performance at the annual strawberry festival, something terrible happened. During Cia's routine, a horrible storm settled directly overhead. Just as Cia was about to throw her final knife, a bolt of lightning struck the knife, knocking Cia to the ground. She was forced to stay in Washington to recover from her injuries and the traveling carnival had to move on without her. Cia was prohibited from knife throwing during her recovery. She soon became restless and needed to find something to occupy her spare time. A nurse from the hospital decided to take Cia to watch roller derby in a nearby town. She was instantly captivated and knew that she had to devote her life to this new found love. Although she gave up sideshow performing, her knife throwing skills can still come in handy on the derby track. The precision and accuracy of her hits have definitely come from her knife throwing days. Some would even say that she cuts through the pack like a knife. And once you get left in her dust, the last words that you'll hear are "Cia WoodNwanna-Bia!!!"


2012: TEAM-BEST UTILITY PLAYER 2012: LEAGUE-AFTERPARTY MVP 2009: BIG SCORER 2015 CarnEvil Most Adventurous. 2015 League "Biggest Comeback!"