Motivation is fleeting; determination is fierce. Don’t be motivated. Be determined.


Good people, good whiskey, and the Seattle Sounders. And puppies; all the puppies.


Traffic, lack of sleep, and apathy


soccer, dance, and surviving the country


I love this sport! I started playing with the Camaro Harem in 2012 and was thrilled to return this year as their coach for an epic home team season. I first played with the Bombers in 2013 and am loving being back in blue with this amazing group of skaters. What inspires you? Strength, honesty, and passion. People who put their heart into whatever they love to do. Hard work, sweat, and seeing growth in those around me. The small and the mighty; Osvoldo Alsono, Carly Llyod, Lionel Messi, and Nicolas Lodiero


2012 Rookie of the Year (Harem) 2014 Game MVP-Champs (Harem) 2015 Most Inspirational (League)