Boys Men! Snakes, spiders, insects, jungles-beach combos, Smarties (American candies), carbonated water, massages, purple, being barefoot, comfy clothes, sunshine, warm rain, the time right before dusk, jokes (really corny ones), laughing/ making others laugh, whiskey, new things, friends, BABIES, hugs, high fives that make a loud slap sounds, tattoos, sleeping and my TEAM #OHEH


Liars, olives, mushrooms, Debbie downers, pie, cheesecake, slow drivers, making my bed, meanies, allergies, losing things, deadlines (not Deadline, I like her a lot), being sick, getting up from my bed in the morning to pee (the worst), when my phone battery is lower than 5%, dirty eye glasses and flat tires


Select Basketball from 5th grade - 9th Grade High School Basketball 9th and 10th Grade Derby from 2009 - 2012 with Bellingham Roller Betties


I am Single ;) 5'8" 27 yr old Born and Raised in WASHINGTON