"My face looks good, but then my mouth says stuff."


The smell of victory, or alternatively, the tears of my enemies. Adventuring. Finding cool people/things. D&D. Mead.


Being injured and/or sick. Rain on a camping trip. Early mornings. Being in direct sunlight


Aside from ballet and hockey, I didn't really get into sports as a kid. Mostly I ran around the woods and had stick sword fights with my classmates at recess. I've also dabbled in heavy fighting (stick and armour), capoeira, power lifting, boxing, and acro-yoga. Capture the flag or any variant on that game is my jam.


When I'm not furthering my quest to be a badass roller girl, I'm usually making really good shame covers for meat puppets, alchemizing potions of inebriation, helping to make magic for movies, and raising a small army.


Bruised ribs, concussions, broken jaw, slightly janky knee (so far the only one from derby).


I recognize that I am awesome :D