The trick is to keep breathing...


Traveling, hanging out with my family, music, dancing, surfing,thigh highs and breathing!


I fear spiders and snakes, but do not dislike them, they have a purpose. I do dislike drama, if you don't lke something, don't whine about it or be passive aggressive, address and try to change it. Intolerance and accepted ignorance. Not breathing!


I started competitive Cheerleading (yes, like Bring it On) when I was 8yrs old. I continued in competitve cheer until I was 18, that is 10 years of dance, tumbling, yelling, throwing girls around and wearing short skirts...can you see a correlation to roller derby here? I also played Co-ed Soccer, ran many 5k/10k and one half-marathon. I was 5yrs old when I put on my first pair of skates, skated recreationally until I was 12 and then when I was 19 took up rollerblading in Venice Beach and Huntington Beach because short shorts and bathing suit tops looked cute with roller blades plus, I needed to be at the beach to surf!


Occupation: Domestic goddess What inspires you? Pushing myself and realizing that I can push myself harder because I have not thrown up or passed out yet! Haddie Wazowski was a wallflower. She was the one you saw at parties who sat in the corner, trying to blend in with the sofa. Boys didn't like her, she was sure of it. And when they did, Haddie did her best to seem uninterested. She never stood up to dance and she was careful to wear long shirts. You see, Haddie had a problem (well, it was a problem in the '80s): she was the unfortunate genetic recipient of JIT, aka Junk in the Trunk. Her perceived disability kept Haddie from seeing herself as cute. She was definitely not a bean pole and didn't see why any cute boys would be interested in her. Then something momentous happened. Something that was to change Haddie Wazowski's life forever: Baby Got Back. That one song, that rhapsody about rotund derrières, propelled Haddie from wallflower to wow mama. Haddie had had enough of being in the shadows. Before long she was shaking her apple bottom jeans on the dance floor and the boys couldn't get enough. Haddie Nuf? she would ask. "No!" the boys would yell back. "It's never 'nuf!"


Strained PCL Sprained Ankle