Star Trek (of course!), pretty much all things British, Harry Potter, '80s music, '90s rap, Domo-kun, books, cooking, Food Network, emojis, my 2 dogs and 3 cats. My Patronus is Cookie Monster!


Onions, pickles, arrogance, commuting, and poor spelling/grammar.


Undead Roller Derby (Antioch, CA) 2011-2014 (Damned Skaters "B" team and Undead Bettys "A" team) under the name Admiral DeJenerate, aka RADmiral; lifting heavy things (such as dumbbells) and putting them back down; and long-distance running since 2006. I have run 100+ races in several states, including 4 ultramarathons in less than a year (50K x3 and 40.44 miles during a timed endurance run), 8 marathons, and races at pretty much every other distance, including a few sprint triathlons. I also skated the Napa Valley Inline Marathon twice (half marathon in 1:01, full marathon in 2:10), finishing as the first woman on quads both years.


Occupation: One of Uncle Sam's many public servants. Jen was once cited as having "more energy than a nuclear reactor" on a performance evaluation while in the military. She lives up to her name with hyperactivity, enthusiasm, and lots of high fives. She also hopes to be able to travel via transporter some day (don't we all?). After taking a hiatus from derby to pursue ultra running, as well as a move from California to Washington, Jen has returned to the track with gusto and is excited to be a Carnie!


Concussion, bruised ribs, torn plantar fascia ligament, fractured sesamoids, stress fracture in heel bone, and every derby girl's calling card - the bruise collection.


Undead's Skater of the Year 2013, "Shooting Star" (Best Damned Skaters Jammer) 2013