If it ain't broke, don't fix it! And if it is, I can probably find a creative way to fix it.


I like ice cream on a hot day, adult coloring books, naps, playing board games with friends and family, and much much more! (I like food too!).


I dislike mean people, bad drivers, and spicy food (in that order)!


Anything creative or crafty, especially making resin jewelry.

Athletic Background

Snow skiing, running and roller derby! Does gardening count? It should!

Derby History

The 2016/2017 season was my first official season, but I was injured for the first few games so didn't play until 2017.


Torn PCL's. Once my left knee was mostly healed, I tore my right! Takes several months for the torn ligaments to completely heal so I wore 2 knee braces for a while. Would not recommend.

Favorite Thing About Derby

I used to skate at a rink as a kid, for fun. I have been a roller derby fan since watching Rat City in the hangar on Sand Point. I always said “I wish I could do that!” One day, a friend and invited me to tryouts, so I showed up in borrowed skates. I was instantly hooked, and started going to new skater classes on the weekends. Wish I would have had the guts to try this earlier in life, because it’s so darn fun!

More About Me

I find 4-leaf clovers all this time! I like to press them and put them into resin necklace pendants, which is a great way to preserve them. I find 4-leaf clovers so often, it’s kinda ridiculous! I’ve also found a few 5’s and a couple 6’s! Mutant plant life for the win!