“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?”


Bacon, hard hits, flowers, deep fried goodness, tenacity, inspiration, honesty, zombies, forgiveness, escargot, summer rain, winter snow, mountains, techno, guns, humor, Muse, chocolate, caffeine, hard work, lazy days, laughing until it hurts, your mom, optimisim, all varieties of happy, crazy, and being healthy. You’re welcome.


Going to the box, cancer, aspartum, that one pile of dog crap I step in, burnt pizza, bone bruises, stubbed toes, typing this out with a sprained finger and of course hiccups during a jam.


Hematoma, smashed nose, black eye, broken pinky toe, nail scratches, butt bruises, whiplash, arm bruises, leg bruises and a fat lip.


MVP-Carnies Jan '14 MVP Blocker-Rainier 2014