Guns, Zombies, Hard Hits, Disguises, Tattoos, and Trouble.


Damp Clothes, Whiners, & Poor Sportsmanship.


I played field hockey in High school but I didn't LOVE sports till I found derby as an adult.


Nikole Plated is the illegitimate love child of a tryst between a KGB agent (Ursula Beurton) and a CIA spy (name still classified) during the Cold War. Nikole was hidden successfully from both of the governments until the end of the cold war through a combination of espionage techniques only the best of the CIA and KGB could produce. Even though the cold war ended in 1991, Nikole has been incognito mastering the arts of gunmanship and rollerskating until becoming the best gunfighter on eight wheels. Nikole abandoned the world of covert espionage, took the surname Plated due to her preference for chrome finishes on her Twin Tokarev 7.62×25 handguns and rolled onto the flat track. Occupation (by day): Paralegal for the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. What inspires you?: People who are full of passion be it for art, for charitable causes, or derby. Anyone who lives life to the fullest/follows their dreams no matter where that may take them. My daughter, although just a babe, it is amazing to watch someone discover the world for the first time and be so completely unafraid to try it all.


Injury Report: I separated my shoulder in my first year of derby but other than that just your run of the mill bumps and bruises from a full contact sport.


March '13 - MVP (Pink Pistols) April '13 - MVP (Hula Honeys) 2013 - Most Jams Played