Never trust 8 wheels and a smile.


hitting people on skates, weight lifting, knitting, cross stitch, playing old Nintendo games, Wonder Woman


Caillou, mean people, cleaning the toilet, a messy kitchen


I started playing roller derby in 2010 with Orlando Psycho City Roller Derby (now Orlando Roller Derby). I played on their home team, the Serial Thrillers and later their travel team the Straight Jackettes. In 2014, I relocated to New Hampshire where I skated for New Hampshire Roller Derby. I played on their travel team until 2017. In 2015, I established New Hampshire Junior Roller Derby for youth ages 7 to 17.


I've played TONS of sports-soccer, softball, springboard diving, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and now roller derby.


Ruptured a tendon in my left foot.