There’s no way you can break this Brickhouse down.


Funk music, sugar, team players, men that can cook, and dancing in front of the mirror like no one’s watching.


Cheap shots, cockiness, liars, and country music.


Rat City Rollergirls Grave Danger, All Stars, and Rain of Terror 2008-2014, Bellingham Roller Betties Blunt Force Trauma 2006-2008, and Team Legit 2009-2011. Threw Hammer, Discus, and Javelin in college, played basketball and volleyball through high school.


Sheeza Brickhouse was brought up in a solid, yet strongly competitive household in the suburbs of all suburbs; Bellevue. Always athletic and becoming more and more competitive, she learned to play with the boys and quickly learned to beat them. Don’t let her sweetness and charm deceive you, she’s built like an Amazon and will bring any strong man to his knees.


MCL tear, nerve damage in neck, and a concussion.


Rat City Rollergirls Season 5 Rookie of the Year, Season 5 Grave Danger #1 Blocker, Season 5 MVP Bout 4, 2010 January Rollergirl of the Month, Season 7 Most Participation Hours, Season 8 Eye in the Sky. Bellingham Roller Betties 2008 Tower of Power. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 CarnEvil Most time on the track 2015 CarnEvil Bad A** Blocka-ClockHer