As the great philosopher Popeye said...."I am what I am!"


Coffee, dogs, hot sauce & creativity


Mayo, mornings & old computers than need to be Office Spaced


I figure skated on roller skates from ages 12 to 17. I am not dainty.


I escaped Florida and moved to Seattle two years ago. I'm a graphic and multimedia designer. I was nerdy before it was cool - I may have watched TechTV back in the day and used computer programs in the mid 90's that don't exist anymore. I played for Tampa Roller Derby for five years on home teams and their travel team. It's there that I discovered my spirit animal of Thomas the Tank Engine. He never gives up.


I broke my nose January 2011 and a month later broke my ankle pretty badly so I had to have surgery. I'm now bionic with a plate in my ankle minus the feathered bangs of the Bionic Woman. I have some shoulder issues too from a million hits to it. And my pinky is bent because of a little soft tissue damage.


few MVPs for jamming in games and a few derby prom awards