Don’t let Fatigue make a coward out of you.


Animals, Sincerity, Authenticity, and inappropriate jokes.


Snobs and mosquitos


Scholarship in high school for women’s wrestling. High School state competitor for track & field, cross country and wrestling. Catcher in softball, and penalty heavy post in basketball. Master fitness Trainer for the Army. Roller derby player since 2012, Yoga since 2009. I just started Jujitsu this year (2017). I like sports.


So there I was, sitting in my very comfortable water bed, thinking about all the cool things I was gonna do when I grew up. Suddenly I shook! I had no idea what was going on, “Is this what an earthquake feels like?” Everything got really uncomfortable around me, I felt like that really scary scene in Starwars where everyone almost got smashed in the garbage disposal on the Death Star or whatever, and I suddenly saw a stream of light burst thru the side of my water bed, as a sharp metal knife slit thru, letting all my water out. Rude. I was then ripped out of my water bed into a very bright and cold room where I was immediately flipped upside down and spanked but a man wearing a mask. Apparently this is an appropriate way to introduce yourself on this strange planet. I’m sure you could understand how first impressions are lasting, especially ones like this. I’ve been pissed off ever since. Don’t bother me when I’m trying to sleep please.


Everything hurts pretty much always. The worst I’ve had is concussions, perhaps why I couldn’t think of anything more clever for my bio, and why I can’t ever remember anything. Wait. What.


I once got an award for being the most likely to foul out. That’s fair.