"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." --Albert Einstein


coffee, naps, cute creatures, dad jokes


boiled eggs, mollusks/shellfish (except scallops!), rude people


Too many! (Thank you ADHD) Current and enduring hobbies include amateur birding and entomology, dabbling in different forms of visual art, keeping tarantulas (I currently have 7 fuzzy babies), carnivorous plants, reading, and listening to all the music.

Athletic Background

I played softball starting in 4th grade and was a member of my high school's inaugural team (Go Golden Tornados!)

Derby History

After not skating since I was 12, I took a beginner skills/derby class with a friend in the fall of 2018. What started on a whim as something fun and active to try, became a bit of an obsession. Injuries and the pandemic slowed my progress, but I eventually upgraded to cadet status and was drafted to the Jet City B52s home team in February 2023!


Broken wrist (don't practice in your garage at 10 pm without wrist guards!), a torn MCL, a concussion, and run of the mill ankle sprains. Knock-on-wood no more significant injuries!

Favorite Thing About Derby

The community!

More About Me

I'm a forensic pathologist in real life who studies brains and teaches medical students, residents, and fellows, among others. Nerds rule!