Crippling Booty Blocks, anything from the 60's, Vintage Dresses,Champagne, 90's Hip Hop, Sustainable Architecture, Peannut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.


Boredom and the word "no"


None really: ballet classes as a young girl, the "c" Volleyball team in 7th grade, Skateboarding in Highschool, beating people up in mosh pits, 80's dance parties, riding my Shwinn around Hawaii, pulling all nighters in college.


When Teeny is not booty blocking jammers she can also be found working as an architectural designer, designing housing for under-served populations.


Broken Tailbone, Summer 2008 Torn ACL, Winter 2010 Broken Hand and Pinky Finger Fall 2010


Most Improved 2009 Derby Girl of the Month Feb. 2010 Camaro Harem Captain 2010 Best Plow Stop, Bombers 2010 League Vice President 2011 League President 2012