"Give, even if you only have a little." The Buddha


The Age of Aquarius, veggies, recyclers, hippies, music.


Vagrants, thieves, blatant consumers, everything?


The cenobium was quiet, allowing for meditation and inner reflection. The Little Lama often roamed the grass, searching for inner peace, but was often left feeling empty. The stories of despair from the outside world gave her have feelings she couldn't name. On a walk, she heard whistles, shouts, and laughter. The sounds melded together. 'That is the sound of inner peace. Balance. Harmony, especially in chaos,' she thought as she neared the noises. Her eyes beheld strength and determination, but mostly camaraderie. "I yearn for that," she whispered to herself. Standing bold and nervous, she uttered, "I would like to try this. May I, please?" The response was welcoming. She strapped wheels to her feet, fell more times than stars decorate the sky, and was in love instantly. Her sisters, her friends, renamed her Brawly, for the inner battle between wanting blanketed world peace fought with her love of hitting her fellow woman. She was henceforth known as"The Brawly Lama." And it was good.


Irritated knees, whip lash, and pinched nerves. But namely rug burn; see position for cause.