"Discipline is choosing what you want most over what you want now"


Swim Team for 12 years, football for 6 years, current play weekly ice hockey and have for the past 16 years, attend yearly clinics and hockey schools


I enjoyed watching Rat City play at the hanger in Magnuson Park. And thought it would be fun to have some involvement in the sport. When Jet City was forming I went to check out one of the initial meetings at the deck in August 2006. I was asked to ref as I could skate and the league needed help. When the first travel team was being put together I was asked to coach since I knew the rules. I continued to ref inter-league bouts while coaching the Bombers. I stopped reffing after my fifth season and have continued to coach. I have coached the Bombers in all 63 sanctioned games played. The team has a winning record and I am proud of that. I am not sure how long my career will be, but i continue to find great satisfaction in helping the league and the team learn, grow and share experiences make their lives richer.


1 broken wrist cast only, 1 broken wrist with surgical repair, 1 broken ankle cast only, torn ACL with surgical repair left leg, grade 2 MCL tear left leg, ruptured right eye anterior chamber, broken nose, torn distal bicep tendon, multiple skiier thumb injuries


I win costume competitions!