sunshine, cats, gin


camping, answering personal questions in public


Roller derby, duh. Also paddleboarding, science fiction, cross-stitch, and taxidermy

Derby History

I started learning roller derby in 2012, from a class offered by Hot Flash through North Seattle College, and spent a few months in One World before being enfolded in PFM. I swore I would be a PFM lifer, and never join a league. And if it hadn't been for the pandemic, I probably never would have. But Jet City started practices up again before PFM did, so here I am. Initially I feared the moment when I'd have to join or GTFO, but now I couldn't be happier to be part of Jet City.


None so far; knock on wood.

Favorite Thing About Derby

The endorphins.

More About Me

My debut shot story collection, Living Forever & Other Terrible Ideas, has a story in which derby girls use magic glitter helmets to fight off an alien invasion.