Roller derby, that’s a given! Monkeys/apes, actually all animals! Laughing, shiny sparkly things, costumes, positive people and problem solvers, sci-fi, watching my chickens run after invisible things, sunny days, dressing my cats in costumes, archery, scuba diving, whiskey, golf, painting, traveling, creating lawn sculpture dioramas with gnomes or without, and having a couple drinks and a tasty meal with good friends and family!


Being ill or broken, negative Nancys, people who can’t laugh at themselves, dishonest and deceitful people, being cold and wet, finding cat yack on the floor when I wake up in the morning, but most of all not having enough time to do everything I wish I could do!


Growing up in Hawaii, I was involved in almost every sport or outdoor activity in or out of the water. I was always more partial to sports or activities that didn’t require me to wear proper footwear. As an adult now living in the Northwest, I have dabbled in fencing, and I’m currently having a great time honing my skills of archery while trail hiking. On a good day I am an awesome hunter of stuffed burlap sacks at 25 yards!


Torn MCL, traumatic tendinitis and torn rotator cuff, but mostly lots of bruises and the usual sprains, strains, and pulls!


Rail Bird of the Month - May 2013 (Tilted Thunder Rail Birds) and Derby Girl of the month for JCRG: November 2013. 2015 Carnevil team "mom" 2015 Prom Award for best Costume