Roller Derby is BACK (Baby)!

Hello JCRD family, friends, and fans!


It has been quite the derby hiatus. JCRD has done its part to keep our community and our loved ones safe, and we hope that you have all been staying safe and healthy as well!




to come out of hibernation, to dust off our skates, to switch out those outdoor wheels, to finally wash that gear 🤢, and to take that first (perhaps wobbly) step back onto the track, because Jet City is ready to get back into the game!

And we are excited about all things NEW!

Just before our hiatus, we said a sad farewell to our amazing, long-time coach, Tre le Trash, so that he could persue a life of peace and paradise (or so I assume!) He left some very large skates to fill, but lead coaches Carnage Asada and AFAB have stepped up to the challenge! Please help us welcome them with open arms and minds, as they have MUCH to teach us!

You may have also heard that we will be saying farewell to our beloved Everett Skate Deck home, which will be closing its doors on April 3rd. It is so difficult to see another establishment not survive the hardships of the pandemic and even harder to say goodbye, but we are grateful to have been taken in so graciously by our neighbors at the Lynwood Bowl & Skate!

So, you will now find Jet City skating it up at our new location in Lynwood on Tuesdays from 9pm – 11pm and now Thursdays from 6pm – 8pm.


And how about a NEW YOU!

We know you are ready! It’s been a long break for everyone and we are in this together as we rebuild our strength and our skills. If you have been itching to learn to skate or used to play derby long ago and have been thinking of coming back, what better time to start than now!

Six reasons to start derby:

  1. Roller derby and skating is GREAT exercise (perfect for post-pandemic)
  2. You will fit right in (there is no “I need to be ____ to join” in derby. We accept you as you are!)
  3. Join a really awesome community of kick ass humans (some of the most inclusive and accepting individuals around)
  4. Even if competing isn’t for you, you can build up your skating skills (I like skating for the pure joy of skating!)
  5. Develop your punny/badass alter ego (and wear fun make-up and outfits on bout day!)

oh and…


Take advantage of our One Month of Unlimited Roller Derby Classes from Jet City Roller Derby (Up to 62% Off) GroupOn! We welcome vaccinated skaters of all levels to join us.


If all that wasn’t motivating enough, then check out our TikTok to take a stroll down memory lane and follow us for more incoming derby action!

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