Season 10 Bout Dates!!!


SEASON 10 only 64 days and counting!!

How pumped are you!!

Season Line up is as follows;

Bonus Fun Bout: October 15th 2016


Bout 1:  November 12th 2016

Camaro Harem VS CarnEvil

Pink Pistols VS Hula Honeys

Bout 2: December 10th 2016

Hula Honeys VS CarnEvil

Pink Pistols VS tbd

Bout 3: January 21st 2017

Camaro Harem VS Pink Pistols

Hula Honeys VS tbd

Bout4: February 25th 2017

Pink Pistols VS CarnEvil

Camaro Harem VS tbd

Bout5: March 18th 2017

Hula Honeys VS Camaro Harem

CarnEvil VS tbd

CHAMPS!! : April 15th 2017

To Be Decided