Season 10 Opening Bout: Recap

Jetcity’s CarnEvil and Camero Harem hit the track Rollin, ready to open the tenth season with a bang! Things started out quick when Ivanna Hercha took an open line with a hop and a Twist around the outside and was out for lead Jammer for Camaro harem. The Harem defense was able to lock down Sketch E Artist, the Jammer of record for CarnEvil. The CarnEvil defense was able to keep Ivana down to a 4 point pass before forcing her to call it. The two teams traded big hits and lead status back and forth throughout the half.

CarnEvil claimed the lead quickly and held it throughout the first half. The teams came out about 50/50 obtaining lead Jammer status. Camero Harem fielded Ivanna Hercha, Madam Mayhem and Kat VonDevious regularly as their Jammers. On the CarnEvil side it was Sketch E Artist, Flex Caliber and Crash Smashum donning the star. The half closed with Harem being held to a scoreless jam. The half ended with a score of 122 to 59. CarnEvil holding the lead.

Both teams came back from the half ready to continue the battle! The first two jams, each team was held scoreless thanks to some fantastic defense. CarnEvil kept inching away despite Camero Harem’s best efforts to take back some momentum.

In the last jam of the game we saw the familiar faces of Ivanna Hercha and Crash Smashum lining up against each other. Ivanna grabbed the lead with an apex jump over Turn 1 and off she went to score points for her team.  With a huge smile on her face she came whipping around the track adding points to her team’s scoreboard. Crash was able to rack up some points of her own. The jam was called and CarnEvil held the lead! Final score 179-147. First game of season 10 in the books with last year’s, 4th place team, taking the win over last year’s runner-up. This is going to be a fantastic season!

For the second game of the night it was the Pink Pistols facing off against the Hula Honey’s.

Things took off with the bang as recent transfer, Deviled Megs took the star for the Hula Honeys against veteran Ill’ah Smash Ya for the Pink Pistols. Both teams started with a scrum start.  Ill’ah got out lead jammer, sadly for her, she was quickly knocked out of bounds by RocknRolla Chola and recycled to the back of the pack. Deviled Meg was able to push her way through, forcing the Pistols to call it. All ended in a 0 to 0 jam. Both teams were ready to get back on the track to see who could draw First Blood.

There were several scoreless jams throughout the first half, a testament to both teams on point defense. The Hula Honeys held the lead for some time. About halfway through the first quarter the pistols has had enough and stepped up their lead Jammer game. The pistols fielded Chick Eastwood, Pretty Lil flier and the sister team Ill’ah Smash Ya and GRRR Rawr Rawr. On the Hula side, it was Impailor Moon, Swag on Ninja, Harry Pugger, Brut Champain and Deviled Megs doing the bulk of the work. The half ended with another recent transfer to the Hula’s,  Swag On Ninja being called lead Jammer! Hulas maintain their lead with an 87 to Pistols 59 at the half.

Both teams came back to the game amped up from their half time pep talks ready to play!

The second half started with Brut Champain and Ill’ah Smash Ya jamming for their perspective teams. The Hulas took first blood with lead Jammer and a 4 point pass. However, the pistols were able to snatch 2 points of their own. The Hula’s kept their lead throughout the second half and just kept inching away from last year’s champions.

In the last jam of the night, we saw Chick Eastwood and Harry Pugger lining up. With a push and a Juke, Pugger gained the lead! She was able to call up the jam giving the hula the hard-earned win! Final score was 230 to 140. What is season we are gearing up for! In our second game of the night, last year’s 3rd place Hula’s took the win over last year’s Champions, the Pink Pistols.