A Season Of Change


September 9, 2017

We headed back to Edmonds Community College for an amazing season 11.  We kicked it off with a 4 x 4 bout where Camaro Harem took on Mob City, CarnEvil played Femme Fiana (Dockyard) Hula Honeys played Cog Blockers (Bellingham) and Pink Pistols played Trampires (Dockyard).


October 14, 2017

Our second bout matched up Heartless Heathers from Portland (218) against the Camaro Harem (189) and Pink Pistols (186) vs CarnEvil (128).


November 11, 2017

CarnEvil (243) vs. Grave Danger (137)

Hula Honeys (154) vs. Camaro Harem (138)


December 2, 2017

Pink Pistols (165) vs. Anarchy Angels (Abbottsford, BC) (156)

CarnEvil vs. Hula Honeys

This was the last time Carnies would play at home as a team.


January 20, 2018

This was the first time that the world got to see our new league teams, the Aviators and the Skyraiders. Also the first game of the 2018 Bombers, Jet City’s WFTDA team.  The Palouse River Rollers made the trip from Central Washington, and the Bombers took home the win. The Aviators went on to beat the Skyraiders in their first match up of the season.

Bombers (160) vs. Palouse (118)

Aviators (215) vs. Skyraiders (138)


March 3, 2018

Hula Honeys (326) vs. DYDD Wave Of Mutilation (90)

Camaro Harem (164) vs. Pink Pistols (127)


March 31, 2018

Star Trek vs. Star Wars  Fundraiser Bout!!

Hard to know who was the winner here: The teams or the fans! We had a galactical blast bringing you this interactive bout where the stars were the limit as far as the crazy skating shenanigans!

April 14, 2018

We closed our home season with a great double header that had big hits and hugs as we battled with our neighbors to the north, Terminal City. The Bombers were victorious against this tough Canadian crew, and we look forward to more International games with them soon. The Aviators were once again the winners in this league team match up, and the biggest question of the night was “where can I buy one of those cat shirts??”

Bombers (206) vs. Terminal City (Vancouver, BC) (164)

Aviators (198) vs. Skyraiders (154)