Season 8 Championships: Harem for the win.

On june 6th 2015, many women woke up and started their bout day ritual. Some went running, some meditated, Other acted as though it was just another day.  However, this was the last bout of the Jet City Rollergirls home season.  The last game of every season is bitter sweet. Skaters look forward to a break, but can not wait for the next season to start. For some of us this is the last game of our first season and for others it is simply our last.

This year for Champs we had a repeat of season 7. The Hula Honeys faced off against Carnevil. automatic translations . This was a high energy, rough and tumble, close match. These two teams have proven to be the best of frenemies from day one. It was neck in neck each jam for almost the entire 60 minuets. The final jammed sealed the Hula’s fate, and won the Carnies their Grudge match trophy.  For a 2nd year in a row, the hulas were a mere jam away from bringing home the W.


After half time, once the fans were back in place, refreshed and skaters were ready; the second bout of the evening began. The Camaro Harem went into battle with full force against the Pink Pistols who of course brought their A game. Last season the Harem took away the Pistol’s chance at a three-peat and sparked the fire that is now the reign of Harem. This season, The Harem kept their championship trophy safe in their hands, and did it with grace, elegance, and ferocity.


Season 9 will surely be amazing. Stay tuned for dates and events.